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Group Insurance

In today's competitive work environment having a Group Benefit program can give you an edge in the hiring game by helping you attract, retain and reward good employees.

Through strategic alliances Western Life offers comprehensive Group Employee Benefit programs designed for your employees that include innovative employer benefits not commonly available in the industry.

  1. Our traditional Group Employee Benefit Program is an excellent program that provides coverage for groups of 3 or more lives.
  2. coreHEALTH+ is a health care plan designed to meet the needs of small, incorporated companies with as few as one employee and no industry exclusions!

Western Life offers a variety of insurance designed to protect groups and provide benefits to employees. Choose one of the following to obtain more information:

  • Traditional Group Benefits program for groups with 3 or more lives
  • coreHEALTH+ for small, incorporated companies with as few as one employee

For additional information or to purchase a product please contact us.