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Aug 7, 2013
Category: 2013
Posted by: Terri

We are pleased to announce our Western Life Assurance, Administrative Office has moved to their new location at 202, 600 Empress Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Apr 14, 2011
Category: 2011
Posted by: cori
Western Life is very proud to announce the arrival of a "Big Brother" to our Term 10 and Term 20 products. Born today and effective immediately, Term 30 joins our very competitive family of life and critical illness products.
May 21, 2010
Category: 2010
Posted by: cori

The success of your client’s business is enhanced by quality human resources.  In order to help find effective solutions to these kinds of problems, Western Life has made a change from our existing provider to a new confidential Business Assistance Program called ACUMIN™ which will be in place for June 1, 2010.

Apr 26, 2010
Category: 2010
Posted by: brian

We've given a face-lift!

Apr 8, 2010
Category: 2010
Posted by: cori

Would you like your order “Super-sized”?
Would you like heated seats?
Would you like granite countertops?

Most anything you buy today has options to upgrade or improve upon the base purchase. Well the life insurance industry is no different. Supplemental Benefits like Disability Waiver and Accidental Death Benefit Riders have been around for a long time and Western Life is pleased to announce that we will be adding them to the @pprove portfolio of products effective April 8, 2010.

Western Life has improved on these traditional riders, added a couple of new riders with some creative twists and simplified the marketing of them to your customers.