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Traditional Group

Our traditional Group Employee Benefit Program is excellent for groups of 3 or more lives and provides comprehensive coverage for:

  • Life Insurance - the most common type of coverage among Employee Benefits and provides a tax-free payment to beneficiaries that will help replace the loss of income that occurs when an employee passes away.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance - provides a tax-free benefit that can help replace lost income due to sudden accidental death, or help cover medical costs that follow the loss of a limb.

  • Dependent Life Insurance - provides a tax-free benefit to the employee in the event of the death of the employee's spouse or dependent child.

  • Short-term and Long-Term Disability - designed to protect employees income in the event a disability prevents them from continuing to work.

  • Extended Health and Prescription Drug coverage - pays for a variety of health care expenses from hospital stays to expensive medications and travel accident insurance. There is a lot of flexibility in what you can cover allowing for customization to meet your specific needs.

  • Dental Coverage - helps cover the high cost of modern dentistry and the program can be tailored to your group's needs.

In addition, our traditional program offers some innovative employer benefits not commonly found in the industry.

  • Critical Illness coverage - provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to the employee in the event the employee or his or her dependents are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. The benefit can be used for any purpose including subsidizing the cost of out of country treatment, paying down debts or taking a vacation with the family while dealing with the disease.

  • HSA Health Spending Account - an innovative plan that provides a tax advantage solution allowing incorporated companies to deduct health and dental expenses. HSA Health Spending Account is designed to reimburse health and dental expenses to owners and employees on a non-taxable basis.

  • Acumin™ - is included in every Group Benefit plan offered by Western Life Assurance. It is best described as a Business Assistance product, helping business owners manage their employees and performance issues by providing HR solutions including training, coaching, professional counseling services and post-traumatic intervention.

  • Arive™ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - puts concrete measures in place to reduce/manage company health care costs. It improves employee retention, by offering them sought-after services for balancing work and family life. Employee assistance services include face-to-face psychosocial counseling for family problems, work-related problems, personal problems and dependency problems. Telephone counseling is also available for legal or financial difficulties, and for problems associated with childcare and for the care of elderly parents.

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Western Life will work as partners with you to bring you an innovative employee benefits package for you and your employees.