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Individual Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is one of the most sought after products in Canada because a Critical Illness can affect anyone.

Who is at Risk?

A closer look at some of the statistics provides compelling insight into just how prevalent critical illnesses are in Canada.

Heart Disease1

  • One in four Canadians has some form of heart disease
  • 75,000 Canadians suffer heart attacks each year


  • More than 134,000 Canadians contract cancer each year
  • Experts predict that the number of cancer cases will rise 70% by 2015


  • More than 50,000 Canadians suffer a stroke each year
  • 75% if stroke victims survive the initial event

Multiple Sclerosis4

  • Every day 3 people in Canada are diagnosed with MS
  • MS is the most common neurological disease among young Canadians

Alzheimer's disease5

  • Over 80,000 Canadians are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease every year

The solution is Critical Illness Insurance

It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of a growing number of Canadians who are concerned about protecting the quality of life after the onset of a critical illness.

@pprove Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance can help cover some of the increased costs associated with surviving a critical illness. The bad news is that critical illnesses do happen far too often. But the good news is that advancements in medicine are helping more people survive these critical illnesses. Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed by a specialist with one of the covered critical illness conditions.

Term 10 Critical Illness

You are eligible for this coverage until the policy anniversary following your 75th birthday. Every 10 years the contract is automatically renewed without medical underwriting at a higher premium amount based on your age at the time of renewal. Before you turn 60 you can convert this plan to a Level Premium Critical Illness policy. Talk to your trusted insurance advisor today about this valuable coverage.

Level Premium Critical Illness

With the purchase of this policy you have critical illness protection at a level premium (the cost never changes) until the policy anniversary following your 75th birthday. Talk to one of our insurance brokers for more information.

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